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Cory Bernardi Already Accusing Cory Bernardi Party Of Not Being Conservative Enough

Just hours after the launch of the Cory Bernardi Party, one of its highest profile members – Cory Bernardi – has accused the party of straying towards the left.

Mr Bernardi said he never liked to criticise his own party, but stressed he literally didn’t know what else to do. “I’ve never done anything else. So unfortunately I’m stuck here on fucking loop saying that my party is not right wing enough,” the South Australian senator explained.

He said the party was losing touch with its base. “When we started four hours ago, we had a clear set of principles; we had a clear vision. But it seems we’ve lost touch with mainstream Australia.

“Someone has to take a stand. It’s no point just sitting back and watching while the party lurches further and further towards the left,” he said.

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