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Last Resort: Syrian Rebels Consider Launching Devastating Online Petition

After more than 5 years of armed conflict, Syrian rebels are turning to increasingly drastic measures, with some now considering the once-unthinkable option of setting off a shareable online petition.

Once launched, the petition could gain thousands of signatures in a matter of hours, potentially devastating the Russian-backed Assad regime. But with bombs continuing to fall on Aleppo, rebels say they are running out of options. “We’re low on ammunition and coloured wristbands – but this petition, which we’ve kept under wraps until now, could be a game changer”.


He said it was crucial that, once launched, the petition hit its target. “We’re gunning for 100,000 sign ups. We think we can pull this off”.

The international community has promised to send thousands of extra hashtags to the front line to support the effort.

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