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With Backpacker Tax Passed, Turnbull Considering Following John Key And Going Out On Top Of His Game

Saying there is nothing left for him to achieve in politics after the safe passage of the backpacker tax through parliament, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull hinted that he might follow the lead of his New Zealand counterpart and call it a day.

“There’s nothing left in the tank,” he told journalists this morning. “We’ve achieved so much. We’ve implemented a small tax on European holidaymakers and there was something else too. So I’ve ticked off all the major things I set out to achieve in politics,” an emotional Turnbull said.

“I’ve never wanted my success to be measured by how long I’ve spent in parliament. It was always about shaping Australia for the future; about setting our sights high; about putting a fair taxation rate on casual fruit pickers. It was audacious, but we’ve done it”.

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