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Everyone To Get A Go Playing For Australia This Summer, Cricket Australia Reassures Nation

Saying he was aware of those who hadn’t yet had a turn, Cricket Australia CEO James Sutherland said all Australians would get a go at batting or bowling for the Test team before the summer is over.

“We do know that some people haven’t had a turn yet, but we’ll be rotating through the whole nation,” Sutherland said, gesturing for Perth to go pad up.

Sutherland said everyone would at least get two overs of bowling and an over of batting, unless they get out earlier. But some are concerned that certain players – like Steve Smith and Dave Warner – are hogging their go.

“You’ve got to understand, it is hard to manage a big squad like this. But if you haven’t been picked this week, you should be in the team next week. So look out for your name on the notice board”.

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