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Trump To Build Brutal Island Prison For Illegal Immigrants (Oh No Wait, That’s Australia)

US President Donald Trump* says he will custom build a secretive island prison in the middle of the ocean, to lock up any immigrants trying to enter the country without a visa.

In a sign of what may be to come under a Trump regime, the inmates will be held on the ‘Alcatraz-style’ facility indefinitely. The island, which is likely to be built on an island off the coast of Cuba^, will include women and children.

Astonishingly, media will not be able to visit the site, and those working there will face prosecution if they reveal details of the facility. Furthermore, anyone held there will not be allowed to enter the country at any point in the future.

The plan has been met with outrage from the opposing side of politics in the US, with many calling it inhumane**.

 *Please change ‘Trump’ to ‘Australian Prime Ministers’ – Ed

^Please change to Papua New Guinea – Ed

**Please remove this sentence – ED

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