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I’m The Only Person Qualified To Take On ISIS, Reality TV Host Says

Saying he knew all the best things to do, a former host of Celebrity Apprentice today claimed he was uniquely positioned to take on the world’s terrorists.

“I’ve done these things. I know what to do. I’ve sat in the boardroom with the TV cameras on. I know what it means when that big red light is flashing,” the man said.

“I can read from a script. I can ad-lib. I can do both. I can look straight down the barrel of a camera. I can look away from the camera. I know how to build tension before a commercial break. None of the other candidates can. And that’s important, because people ask me, ‘How are we going to stop ISIS and the Mexicans?’ That’s what people are saying. That’s what I’m hearing. And it’s a good question.

“And I say to them, ‘I’ve done this. I get things done. I have many businesses, many TV shows. I know people who are in TV shows. Believe me, I know how to crush ISIS”.

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