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Brangelina Divorce: “Brad Only Ever Brought Two Letters To This Relationship”, Angelina Says

Angelina Jolie has told journalists that her partnership with Brad Pitt was one-sided, unbalanced, and unfair, with Pitt only contributing two out of the 10 letters required to make the relationship marketable.

The celebrity couple – who existed entirely for the purpose of giving the media a fun, catchy name to use – announced their separation yesterday.

Today Jolie explained the reason for the split. “When reports said Brad is ‘one half of celebrity couple Brangalina’, it simply wasn’t true. He’s was only ever a fifth. I was bearing the weight of the responsibility and there’s only so long that can go on,” she said.

A judge will rule on the divorce proceedings next week, with a 50/50 split considered likely. Brang and Elina have asked for privacy.

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