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Women, Black People To Be Barred From Plebiscite, In Order To Preserve ‘Traditional’ Definition Of Voting

Only white men over the age of 21 will be eligible to vote in the upcoming same-sex marriage plebiscite, in keeping with the traditional definition of voting.

Liberal MP Kevin Andrews told the media that it was a common sense approach to February’s poll, as “that’s the traditional way voting has occurred going back generations”.

Some critics however argue that allowing all white adult men to vote is a step too far. They believe New South Wales’s original voting eligibility definition of “men over 21 years of age with £100 free–hold, £10 annual value householders, 3 year lease of £10 annual value, or depasturing licence,” is more appropriate.

“Let’s not meddle with a system that has clearly worked well for years,” one critic said.

Mr Andrews responded to those critics, arguing passionately that all men, regardless of the value of their free-hold, should be able to participate in a democratic society.

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