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PM Keen For Donations Reform. Now Just Looking For Group Or Body With Power To Change Laws

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has given the strongest indication yet that he is open to restricting foreign, corporate and union donations, but says the challenge will be finding a group of people with the power to make it happen.

Speaking from Laos today, Mr Turnbull said, “It’s all well and good to want these things to change. But until someone can come forward with some sort of system or organisation that has the ability to put those changes into place, this will remain just talk”.

He said it would have to be a very specific system. “Ideally it would need to be some sort of democratic process that is designed to handle changes like this,” he said.

Mr Turnbull said he would ask around to see if such a group or system existed, but stressed that a change in the law was the only way to restrict donations. Asked if political parties could simply stop receiving donations in the meantime, Mr Turnbull said it was a lot more complex than that. “It’s a lot more complex than that,” he said.

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