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BREAKING: Mike Baird Bans Socks
Photo: SMH

Socks will no longer be able to be worn in Sydney after 10pm, following a new law introduced by Premier Mike Baird.

Responding to an increase in the number of sock-related injuries in the city, Mr Baird – himself a victim of a sock incident – said it was simply too dangerous to allow people to wear socks without shoes, particularly at night.

“While most people are responsible in their use of socks without shoes, a small minority are not. So for their safety, and for the safety of those around them, this is the right move”.

Under the new laws, people who take their socks off after 1:30am will not be able to put them back on again until the following evening. “Once you take your socks off, that’s it. It’s time for bed. Or a pair of slippers,” Mr Baird said.

Exceptions would be made for Sydney’s casinos, where patrons would be able to wear just socks at any time.

Critics say the new law may put hundreds of sock retailers out of business.

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