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Man To Unwind By Spending Next Few Seconds Totally Reorganising Record Collection

Saying he just wanted to relax around the house this afternoon, London man James Thurgood plans to spend the next two, maybe three seconds re-ordering his entire record collection into different genres.

Thurgood said he’ll spend ‘as long as it takes’ to meticulously order his 2,000 item record collection. “I find it cathartic. There’s just something calming about pottering around the house, pressing a button, and then at the end of it all seeing that all the jazz albums are together, all the hip hop albums are together and so on”.

Thurgood said it was more about the process than anything else. “I’ll be honest, I may decide tomorrow to reorganise everything again, this time by artist or composer. But let’s just take it one step at a time”


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