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Aussies Totally Transform Olympic Village, In Biggest House Reveal Yet!

Working around the clock, and on a wafer-thin budget, Australia’s Olympic team has converted an old, cramped Rio bedroom into a palatial Manhattan-style loft apartment.

Home Beautiful editor and House Rules judge Wendy Moore said they had done an amazing job. “I just love the use of colour and natural light. The exposed brick walls contrasting with the timber floors, gives it that stripped back, modern New York feel. And the pendant lighting ties the whole theme together”.

Architect Joe Snell agreed. “It’s imaginative; it’s got flair; it’s got a real sense of space. I just love how they’ve converted that second bed into a really workable kitchen. And the timber staircase leading up to the second and third levels is an inspired touch. It’s the hero piece for me”.

He said he would have liked to have seen the Aussies incorporate a little more of an Australia-meets-Brazil retro vibe, “a colourful throw perhaps, or an indoor beach”.

But he said overall they had shown they understood what the judges were looking for. “The splash-backs, the feature pieces, the New-York-comes-to-Rio-with-an-Australian-twist feel. They’ve really met the brief here”.

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