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Fears Rudd’s Concession Speech May Not Be Over In Time For Shorten To Begin His

Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s concession speech, which began after his 2013 election loss and was still ongoing at the time of publication, may not be finished before Bill Shorten takes to the stage to concede defeat in the 2016 election.

“The good people of Griffith, the good people of Brisbane, the good people of Queensland, the good people of Australia. To you I say this: I have been honoured to serve as your local member, as a Broncos supporter, and as your Prime Minister. But the time for me to serve you, to serve all of you, is now coming to an end,” Mr Rudd could be heard saying this morning as his speech entered its 33rd month.

Staffers for Mr Shorten said they had given Mr Rudd the wind-up last month and had been given assurances that his speech would be finished by last week. But that timeline is now looking shaky. “He hasn’t even got to thanking his family yet, and there are rumours that he’ll do the whole speech in Mandarin once he’s finished in English. So there’s a real risk of a clash here,” one Shorten staffer said.

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