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Turnbull Confident Of Retaining Keys To Lodge (Or As He Likes To Call It ‘My 28th Home’)

Malcolm Turnbull says he is confident his party has the numbers to form a majority government, but is not concerned about whether he’ll retain the keys to the Lodge or not, given he has a property manager to look after that sort of thing.

“Look, for me it’s never been about retaining the keys to ‘property 28’. As I’ve explained before, my property manager has responsibility for that. He keeps them in an orderly filing system of some description, on hand whenever he needs to run a property inspection for a tenant or the like,” Mr Turnbull said today.

“What’s important, or at least what he tells me is important, is to get a second set cut for every property, should the first set be misplaced, or a burglary occur. It’s a very straightforward system really, so I’m not sure why people ask me about it all the time”.

Mr Turnbull said he and Lucy had enjoyed their time at ‘property 28’ and look forward to totally re-decorating again for the coming term of government.

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