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Turnbull Talks Up Smaller, More Agile Coalition

A leaner, more streamlined Coalition in the upper and lower houses will be able to more effectively compete in the fast-paced world of modern politics, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull told reporters today.

Claiming he had cut back waste and improved efficiencies, Mr Turnbull said it was a more agile and more focused team. “Look, in any organisation there are times when things get bloated. What’s important is that you make the tough decisions about headcounts, so you can improve efficiencies.

“I’ve done it successfully many times before in business, and I’m confident it will work again here. To put it plainly, the Coalition will be better prepared to respond to the challenges of a transitioning political landscape with 75 or 76 MPs, than it will with 90”.

He said that when organisations get too big, making progress can be difficult. “It’s like trying to turn around a cruise liner. It’s slow and cumbersome. This is about simplifying processes, trimming back where it makes sense to do so, and improving productivity. We’re a leaner, more streamlined, and more responsive operation now”.

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