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10 Other Things Pauline Hanson Should Call For A Royal Commission Into

One Nation Leader and likely new senator Pauline Hanson has wasted no time in reminding Australians of what we’ve been missing over the past 20 years, calling for Royal Commissions into both Islam and Climate Science.

In the spirit of Royal Commissions into ‘things that scare us a little because we don’t understand them’, here are 10 other things that Ms Hanson should use more taxpayer money to investigate.

  1. Why it always looks like the wheels are going backwards instead of forwards on car commercials
  2. What actually happens to the holes from doughnuts
  3. PayWave
  4. Why automatic doors at supermarkets sometimes don’t work, even when you’re standing right in front of them
  5. How people on Masterchef can be both cooking, and talking about their cooking from a different studio, at the same time
  6. Why on some new clothes dryers, the door stays locked for a little bit, even after it’s finished
  7. Whether the phrase ‘security at aisle 2’ at Coles is actually an ASIO code for something else
  8. How the Australia Post guy gets the letters out of the post box, given they’re all the way down the bottom and you can’t fit your hand through the slot
  9. Snapchat
  10. How Google knows you will type the phrase ‘I’m scared of brown people’ before you even type it

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