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Peta Credlin: “This Chaos Never Would Have Happened When I Was Prime Minister”

Guest columnist Peta Credlin

The sloppiness, the infighting, the slip-ups. The lack of any ‘plan B’ for the marriage equality plebiscite. These things would never have happened in my years as Prime Minister.

Do these people even know how to run a campaign? I don’t think so. We’ve got backbenchers contradicting one another, Ministers not being able to articulate policies. Who’s in charge here? Who’s the campaign manager? When I was Prime Minister, I had the best campaign manager. Me.

But since the events of last September, when Turnbull overthrew me to take the top job, well, things have become an absolute debacle. Some saw him as the Messiah. But I knew how this would play out. He’s all show and no substance. Doesn’t have the guts or the grunt to succeed under the pressure of a campaign like I did. Doesn’t have a Chief of Staff like I did either (P. Credlin).

If he slips up, don’t be surprised if the party starts asking for me to put my hand up for the leadership again. They’re only human.

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