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Coalition Will Privatise Your Children Shorten Warns, In Desperate Last Ditch Scare Campaign

With Labor slipping in the polls, a frantic Bill Shorten today warned voters that Malcolm Turnbull has plans to sell off anyone under the age of 18. 

“He’s going to privatise Medicare, he’s going to privatise universities, and he’s going to privatise your kids,” Mr Shorten told a press conference today, claiming he had it on good authority the first tranche of youngsters would be listed on the ASX within the first 100 days of a Coalition government.

Shorten said the Prime Minister couldn’t be trusted when it came to selling off children. “When Malcolm Turnbull claims he has no plans to sell your children, he’s lying,” the Opposition Leader said.

Reminded that Mr Turnbull has never said he has no plans to sell children, Shorten said, “Exactly. He’s never expressly stated that he won’t sell your children. But I have. Labor has. And I say it again now. Under Labor, your children will never be privatised”.

Mr Turnbull said he would need to look at the figures more closely before making a decision on the policy.

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