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Britain’s ‘Leave’ Voters Cleverly Deter Migrants By Destroying Economy

Migration laws will no longer need to change under an independent Britain, because no-one will want to go there to work anyway.

“That’s one less thing we’ll have to do,” a jubilant ‘Leave’ voter said this morning, trying desperately to ignore the economy crashing around her.

“I probably won’t have a job this time next year, but at least there won’t be a foreigner there to take it,” Leave campaigner Patricia Waite said this morning, noting that she would feed her family with patriotism for the time being until she could find another job.

UK Independence Party Leader Nigel Farage said the exit vote was a classic example of British ingenuity. “What better way to stop migrants coming to our shores than to devastate the economy they were coming here to contribute to. It really is a stroke of genius”.

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