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“It’s Time Straight White Men In This Country Were Heard”: Scott Morrison

From guest columnist Scott Morrison

Enough is enough. For too long, middle aged, straight white men like me have not had a voice. Around the country, we have been sidelined, marginalised, laughed at and abused. It’s time to take a stand.

We hear so much about other groups of society. But show me a position of power in this country that’s occupied by one of my people – someone who looks like me.

Take, for instance, our parliament. Ok, bad example. Consider instead then our business leaders. Ok, but you know what I mean.

I’m sick of the bigotry and the abuse. I’m sick of doors being shut in my face. I’m tired of opportunities that are given to others, taken from me, just because of who I am. Just because of the way I look. Just because I’m attracted to members of the opposite sex.

It’s high time that we had a say in how this country is run. It’s high time we had some input into how the nation’s finances were spent. It’s time doors were opened for us as well as other Australians. It’s time our voice was heard. Just for once.

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