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Process To Find Two Most Despised People In US Finally Complete

After almost four months of vetting and voting, Americans have successfully narrowed down their entire population to the two citizens they like least.

The painstaking process, which began in Iowa in February, occurs once every four years, and is regarded as the world’s most extensive democratically-run search for abhorred people.

“It’s an exhausting, state-by-state process. But when you’ve got over 300 million citizens, it’s always going to take some time to narrow it down to the top two most hated people,” electoral analyst Hugo Tansin said.

Tansin explained that the system – known as the Primaries – starts with a short list of 30-40 despicable people, who are then meticulously scrutinized, before being voted off one by one to find the most despised man and woman.

“It’s a very thorough process, and a very fair and effective one. It’s just a strange quirk of the system that one of these people happens to then go on to become the leader of our nation”.

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