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Greens New ‘Cleaner Energy’ Plan To Harness Energy Of Household Cleaners & Nannies

Greens leader Richard Di Natale today unveiled his party’s Cleaner Energy plan, a $35m incentive scheme to encourage household cleaners and au pairs to get peddling and generate electricity.

“Cleaner energy is an almost totally untapped source of power”, Di Natale said at the policy’s launch. “When you factor in the very low cost of employing cleaners, au pairs or nannies, we would be crazy not to generate power from them.”

The new policy will see small generators attached to exercise bikes installed in the homes of anyone who has a cleaner. The power will then be funnelled directly into the national grid.

Di Natale also added that as live-in cleaners would be generating their own power, they would require a much lower total package of benefits – typically $500 per week for an au pair boarding with families on hobby farms.

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