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Australia Needs To Live Within Its Means, Turnbull Declares From Charter Helicopter

The Coalition is the party of economic responsibility, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull shouted to journalists above the roar of the rotor blades of a luxury helicopter in Sydney today.

Struggling to be heard as the chopper took off, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said the years of waste were over. “We need to be prudent, we need to be responsible. We need to … sorry, can you hear me? We need to … we need to live within our means, was what I was saying”.

Mr Turnbull used the twelve minute journey from Sydney’s CBD to an event in the city’s western suburbs, to outline some of the themes of his government’s upcoming budget. “Excessive spending serves only as a handbrake on economic growth. This budget will about prudence, and fairness. We’re here? Ok, just leave the engine running mate”.

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