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Letting Baby Asha Stay Could Set Dangerous Precedent Of Compassion, Dutton Warns

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton says the asylum seeker baby dubbed ‘Asha’ will be returned to Nauru as soon as physically possible, warning that a softer stance could be interpreted as humane. 

In a doorstop interview this afternoon, Mr Dutton said Australia had to be very careful not to set a precedent. “Some people say we should just let certain asylum seekers stay. That’s a slippery slope towards compassion,” he said.

“You spare one infant from hell, and then every infant expects you’ll do the same for them. You’re nice to one human, and then every human expects you to be nice. I’ve seen it happen myself. Well, someone’s told me about it happening,” he said.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull backed his minister’s stance. “Compassion is not some sort of renewable resource. We’d run out of compassion before the end of the week”.

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