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Lucy Turnbull Shows Journalists Around “Slightly Cramped, But Cute” 40-Room Lodge

Saying it was charming in its own little way, Malcolm Turnbull’s wife Lucy yesterday threw open the doors to The Lodge – the newly-renovated Canberra address where the Turnbulls will stay when not at their Point Piper mansion. The Shovel was lucky enough to be invited along. 

“Squeeze in, squeeze in,” Lucy says to the eight or so journalists as she commences the tour in the 38 square metre ‘entrance vestibule’. “We might need to do this in two separate groups”.

Mrs Turnbull describes the couple’s new digs as ‘cosy’ but says they will make do. “We’ll get used to a one-kitchen house,” she says.

Pointing out paintings of note as she walks through the house, Mrs Turnbull says, “Not many houses are lucky enough to have four Drysdales in the one room. And this house certainly isn’t that lucky. Just the two in this particular room”.

As we move into the entertaining areas Lucy notes, “This will act as the children’s table for dinner parties,” before realising her mistake. “Oh god, it’s actually the master dining room”.

Finishing up in the fifth guest bedroom, Mrs Turnbull says, “And that’s literally the entire apartment,” before bidding us farewell.

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