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Turnbull Announces Plans To List His Preferred Prime Minister Status On Stock Exchange

After almost doubling growth in under a year, Malcolm Turnbull today laid out plans for an IPO of the preferred Prime Minister status.

Since taking over the post in September, Mr Turnbull has increased the Preferred Prime Minister Index (PPMI) from 42 to 80.

On announcing the offering, Mr Turnbull said there were solid prospects for agile investors. “We’ve seen strong growth in recent months from the low forties, into the low eighties. I can certainly see growth continuing well beyond 100”.

Mr Turnbull – who has significant experience investing in small cap companies – said the ASX listing was the next logical step to continue the growth momentum. “This will provide the extra capital we need to gain additional market share and move the PPMI beyond 200,” he said.

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