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Netflix To Stop Your Annoying Nerd Friend From Explaining His VPN Setup

US streaming giant Netflix is set to crack down on people who insist on banging on about DNS-based workarounds and virtual private networks.  

The company’s vice-president of content delivery, David Fullagar, said that the goal was to make all of Netflix’s content globally available, eliminating the need for a mind-numbing conversation about proxy servers and ‘unblockers’.

“What we’ve seen in recent years is many Australians setting up conversations based entirely on VPNs, proxies, geo-dodging and, oh Christ, I don’t even have it in me to keep going,” Fullagar said.

One Australian said that while he was disappointed about the news he was confident he would be able to find loopholes which would enable him to still use VPNs in conversations, tricking unsuspecting friends.

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