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Unclear If Star Wars Toy For 42 Year-Old Man Or 4 Year-Old Son

There was confusion in the Walsh household today after a Star Wars Figurine Playset was wrapped under the Christmas tree without a name tag.

“It could be for Jack – he just loves lining up all his toys and playing make believe. But then so does my four year-old,” mother Vivian Walsh said today.

Aunt Samantha acknowledged she had bought the present, but couldn’t for the life of her remember who she intended it for. “Did I buy it for my little nephew so he could run around the house pretending to be a storm trooper? Or did I buy it for my brother-in-law so he could run around the house pretending to be a storm trooper? I just can’t remember”.

In the end Mrs Walsh decided to split the figurine set in half. “There were lots of tears, eventually Jack agreed to the decision”.

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