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News Corp Hires 30 New Journalists For Expanded Jarryd Hayne Division

The country’s largest media network has announced plans to add to its Jarryd Hayne division, saying it wants to provide a more thorough coverage of the former NRL star.

The Head of JH Division at the media giant said the new hires would work across all mastheads and websites, providing a range of feature articles, up-to-the-minute insights, and longer-form think pieces. “Expect to start seeing a real focus on Jarryd Hayne from now on at News,” he said.

He said the current team of fifty full-time journalists wasn’t adequate in the current Jarryd Hayne environment. “We’ve covered him playing, not playing, training, not training, thinking about playing, thinking about not playing, what the Americans think about him playing and not playing, and the American media’s take on him playing and not playing. So we’ve just scratched the surface really”.

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