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US Republican Candidates Divided Over Which Letter To Engrave Muslims With

The candidates running for the Republican Presidential nomination are bitterly split over the best way to brand local Muslims, with some insisting on a traditional ‘M’ symbol, while others have put forward more radical suggestions.

Frontrunner Donald Trump, for example, says he will implement a letter ‘A’ engraving system if he is elected President, to denote a Muslim’s alien status. Ben Carson has gone a step further, insisting the letters ‘NLU’ (Not Like Us) be branded clearly on a Muslim’s forehead. Mr Trump later changed his policy to a letter T, for terrorist.

More centrist candidates like Jeb Bush have baulked at the extreme ideas of their colleagues, saying there is no need for a branding system. Mr Bush said a small piece of coloured cloth attached to clothing should suffice.

While some Republican voters are supportive of the idea, others have voiced their opposition, labelling it fiscally irresponsible. “The costs of implementing this would be huge,” one voter said.

Late this morning (US time) debate shifted to whether Muslims should be permitted to attend Republican televised debates, in order to allow candidates to demonstrate their policies.

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