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United Patriot Front Members To Work Through Differences At End-Of-Year Spa Retreat

Members of anti-Islam group United Patriots front are confident they can sort out recent in-fighting issues at their annual end-of-season yoga and spa retreat.

UPF’s leader said it was important to take time away to just relax and let out the emotions. “The boys are looking forward to a bit of pampering that’s for sure. Being this hardcore all the time takes its toll”.

He said they would spend time just talking through their issues. “There’s been a bit of teasing and name-calling. I’ve done a bit of teasing myself if I’m being totally honest,” he said.

He said being victimised is tough. “It’s cruel, it hurts. Sometimes you just need to be held”.

Another member joining the trip on the luxurious Malaysian island of Langkawi, said it was a chance to re-bond over the members’ mutual hatred for Muslims. “It’s a gorgeous spot, the food’s great, and the people are lovely. It’s a highlight on the far-right social calendar, that’s for sure”.

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