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Exciting New Waterfront Development Planned For Mars

Mars’s waterfront will be transformed into a world-class lifestyle, cultural, retail and commercial precinct.

Announcing the new development today, the Mars City Council said the 25-hectare space would include a vibrant cultural hub, exciting mixed-use public spaces, and 45,000 apartments.

Mars Waterfront will become the benchmark for urban renewal developments. A buzzing, creative destination, mixing eclectic community spaces with high-rise real estate. Mainly high-rise real estate,” a spokesperson said.

He said the new development would become an icon of the future, without losing the link to the area’s past. “We’ve been respectful of the area’s history and its stories. We wanted those stories to live on, which is why one of the bricks in one of the apartment towers will be made using a proportion of the 10,000 tonnes of red sand to be removed from the area. It will be a lasting and visible connection with the Mars of yesteryear”.

He said many of the original features of the area would be maintained, as shown in the before and after illustrations (above). “We’ve been inspired by the forms and shapes of Mars today. You need to use your imagination”.

The Chief Environmental And Experiential Officer for Mars Waterfront said sustainability will be key. “Sustainability will be key. Each building will exceed our 9-star energy ratings, and we will have an on-site water filtration facility to partly clean the water we pollute,” she said.

The deadline for public objections to the development closed yesterday.

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