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Uncanny! Man’s Business Trip Amazingly Coincides With Family’s 4-Day Luxury Holiday

Sometimes it seems like things were just meant to be. That’s what Sydney man Tony Burke was thinking when he realised that a range of meetings he had to attend in Uluru were at exactly the same time and place as his family’s holiday.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Burke says. “The same business class flights, the same hotel. Even the hire car I had organised for my business meetings was the same one I had organised for my family’s holiday”.

Burke says it was a quirk of fate. “What are the chances of all those meetings occurring at the same time and place as my family’s annual getaway? Unbelievable.”

The coincidence means Burke, 45, was able to save on costs. “As luck would have it, we didn’t have to pay for two separate sets of flights. In fact we didn’t have to pay for flights at all. It was uncanny; one of those ‘once-in-a-year’ coincidences”.

But the story gets more amazing. Mr Burke says some of his colleagues have had the same thing happen to them. “Just last week a guy at work had a meeting in Port Douglas that was at the exact same time and place as his family holiday up there. The world’s a funny place”.

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