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Bipartisan Support For Extensive Cosmetic Changes To Parliamentary Entitlements

Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten announced today that they will work together to deliver sweeping tweaks to the rules governing political expenses.

In a rare show of bipartisan cooperation the two leaders said the time to slightly overhaul the current system was overdue.

Mr Abbott – who timed the announcement in Melbourne to coincide with a Liberal fundraiser tomorrow morning – said Australians were sick of their taxpayer dollars being abused. “We need a new system that looks very different to the current system. It’s got to look quite different,” he said.

Mr Shorten – who joined the announcement from a video feed from Sydney, where he will be visiting friends this weekend – agreed. “We can’t have a system where it appears that there is one set of rules for the public, and a different set of rules for politicians. It has to appear like everyone is treated the same”.

The changes will be announced next month, before being implemented in 2040.

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