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“We’re Not Racist” Say Fans Who Only Boo Black Player

It’s just a coincidence that the only player we abuse is an outspoken Aboriginal man, a section of AFL fans said today.

“It’s got nothing to do with his skin colour. If Goodes was white – and wouldn’t it be a little bit less threatening for everyone if he was – I’d still boo him, probably,” one fan said.

Another fan said the booing was purely to do with the dual Brownlow medallist’s on-field antics. “It’s got nothing to do with being Aboriginal. If he toned down his theatrics – and perhaps his skin colour – there wouldn’t be a problem”.

“It’s got absolutely nothing to do with the fact that he doesn’t play the role I’ve decided I’m comfortable with an Aboriginal man playing, and nothing to do with the fact that he needs to just pull in his head a bit and be thankful for everything this country and this sport has given him. It’s because he stages for free kicks,” another said.

But one fan said it wasn’t just Adam Goodes who is booed, claiming booing was part of the game. “I’ll boo a player for a quarter or so if he’s hit another player, or for a lifetime if he’s hit a nerve”.

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