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Bronwyn Bishop Starts Day By Smoking Huge Joint Made From Ground-Up Taxpayer Money

Arriving early at Parliament House this morning, Speaker Bronwyn Bishop spent the best part of an hour meticulously rolling and then slowly smoking a large joint made from the finest taxpayer cash.

It’s a morning ritual that Ms Bishop says focuses her attention on the day’s work ahead. “There is nothing that focuses one’s mind quite so much on the people she is serving, than to deeply inhale the smoke of their hard-earned money,” Ms Bishop said.

The Speaker said it was her favourite time of the day. “It’s my quiet time, before anyone else arrives in the building, to sit and reflect on the work I’m doing – we’re all doing – to help this country get back on track and end this entitlement mentality”.

Asked whether she thought it was wasteful to burn money in such a way, Ms Bishop was forthright. “Wasteful? Oh no. I don’t waste a bit. I make sure every last little bit of the joint is smoked before I get on with my day”.

Ms Bishop will spend the rest day attending to duties at Parliament House before flying back to her Canberra apartment this evening.

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