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House Prices Set To Skyrocket, Plummet, Flatline, Expert Warns

Australia’s house prices are set to rapidly rise, fall, and stay the same, says Jacob Whittlesee, the financial expert who correctly predicted the current sustained growth in house prices (and also predicted a massive decline during the same period).

“What we’re seeing is the coming together of a range of factors that will combine to put substantial upward and downward pressure on the market, particularly in the inner and outer suburbs,” Mr Whittlesee said today.

“I’m predicting house prices to rise and fall by as much as 30% within the next twelve months, maybe more. Maybe less”.

He said the median prices in Australian cities over the past few months are unsustainable, leaving plenty of room for further growth. “Sydney is the market investors should be keeping an eye on. Along with the other capital cities”.

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