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Bill Shorten ‘May Still Be Alive’ Search Crews Say

Search and rescue teams across the country are still holding out hope that they will find Opposition Leader Bill Shorten alive, more than eighteen months after he went missing in the Canberra area.

The co-ordinated effort, which has concentrated its activities in the capital and Shorten’s home town of Melbourne, is yet to find any trace of the Labor Leader.

“Witnesses say he left home one morning in 2014 wearing a suit and sense of purpose, but hasn’t been seen since,” a police spokesperson said today. “Unfortunately we haven’t found any evidence at this point. He didn’t leave a note, and there’s been no attempt to make contact, so we don’t know his motives”.

People with any information about Mr Shorten’s whereabouts are asked to contact police. “We know it’s a long shot, but if you’ve heard anything at all, anything at all, please let us know immediately,” the spokesperson said.

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