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Coal Stations Are “Visually Beautiful And Whisper Quiet” Abbott Says

Coal-fired power stations are a stunning addition to the Australian landscape, Prime Minister Tony Abbott said this morning.

“When you get up close to these things, it’s something quite special. The sheer size of the stations, the elegance of the chimneys themselves, the plumes of smoke filling the air around you. I’d recommend all Australians take the family out to see one”.

The PM said they made good spots for camping trips. “They’re not only visually beautiful, there’s a serenity about them too. You can hear a pin drop. A largish pin”.

He singled out the smell as a particular highlight. “It’s that distinctive smokey aroma that you get with these types of set ups”.

Mr Abbott said if it weren’t for the Senate, Australia would have a lot more coal stations gracing our farms, regional towns and countryside. “I drive to Canberra to go to Parliament, and I must say, I would love to see rows and rows of coal stations, around Lake George for example. It would bring the area to life”.

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