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Citizenship To Be Replaced With Letter Of Commendation From Peter Dutton

Australians will need to get a personal recommendation from Immigration minister Peter Dutton if they want to keep living in the country.

The changes, announced today, are designed to ensure that only the right type of people remain in Australia.

“As Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, Mr Dutton is best placed to make a judgement on your character and whether you’re the type of person we want living here,” a spokesperson said today. “If you’ve done nothing to annoy Mr Dutton, you’ve got nothing to worry about”.

She said there would not be an application process. “Please do not write to Mr Dutton. He’ll write to you if he thinks you’re suitable”.

Residents will be expected to carry the letter with them at all times. Those without letters will be required to leave the country within 48 hours.

“We will choose who lives in Australia and the circumstances in which they live here,” the spokesperson said.

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