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Gina Rinehart Hopeful Of Repairing Relationship With Her Estranged Money

Mining magnate Gina Rinehart says she is heartbroken, but holds out hope of one day mending the broken relationship with her trust fund.

“She knows it will take time; there’s no quick fix,” a friend of Ms Rinehart said. “But the relationship between a mining magnate and her trust fund is special, it’s sacred. So I’m confident that with time, patience and lots and lots of litigation the two can be brought back together”.

Ms Rinehart held back tears as she tried to come to terms with where it all went wrong. “I remember when it was so small – just a billion dollars or so.

“It’s grown so much; so much. And somehow I let it drift away. I only hope we can get back to that intimate, beautiful time we had when it would cuddle up next to me at night and do whatever I said”.

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