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New Dating App Connects You With People Within 1 Metre Radius

A new app called LookUp alerts users to family members and spouses located within 100cm, encouraging them to start a conversation, or even a relationship.

Creators of the innovative new service say the beauty of the app is that it will notify you of people in your immediate vicinity you hadn’t even remembered existed.

Already users of the app are seeing the benefits. “I was sceptical at first. But then I downloaded the app and straight away it told me my wife was sitting next to me,” new user Jake Onnaling said. “She had registered for the app too, so we were able to connect. We’re going to catch up at some point next week hopefully. Who knows from there?”

But others are not so sure. Kevin Richards from Sydney said the app was very limited. “I only got one match – my girlfriend. When I swiped left there were no other matches. So that was a waste of time”.


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