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Joe Hockey Excitedly Putting Together This Year’s Budget Surprises

Treasurer Joe Hockey was this morning tucked away in his office hiding an array of delightful little surprises all over the upcoming Federal budget.

Reminding his colleagues to close their eyes before coming into his office, Mr Hockey said he couldn’t wait to see everyone’s reaction on budget night. “I wonder how long it will take you to find them all!”

Pushed for further detail on what the surprises might include, Mr Hockey said, “I can’t say, it’s a surprise!”

But he did say that this year’s surprises were even better than last year’s. “If you thought the $7 GP co-payment or the slashing of education funding was a bit of unexpected fun, you’ll love the way we’ve … oh I wish I could tell you now!” he said.

Mr Hockey will place the budget in a special spot until budget night, away from prying eyes. “No peeping,” he said.

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