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Little Boy Not Giving Victoria Its Funding Back Until They Let Him Play With His Cars

A fifty-seven year-old little boy says he will keep Victoria’s transport funding locked up in a secret box underneath his cot until he’s allowed to play with his cars again.

With eyes red from screaming, the hysterical little toddler shouted “No! No! No!” when calmly asked to hand over the taxpayer money. “I want to play with my car set! I want to play with my car set!” he screamed, gesturing to a new piece of road that he had planned to click into the rest of his set.

The adults explained that they had discussed the issue, and together had made a decision for the boy to have a break from his car set, to which the boy said “I want my car set!”

With the tantrum looking set to continue for some time, the adults shut the door and asked the boy to only come out when he was ready to be a big boy.

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