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Abbott Vows To Stop The Human Rights Smugglers

The Coalition is the only party with a workable plan to stop the influx of human rights onto Australian shores, the Prime Minister Tony Abbott said today.

Mr Abbott said stemming the flow of human rights into Australia was crucial to the Government’s success. “Only we can stop the human rights smugglers. What we don’t want to see is a return to a situation where human rights are given free reign”.

The Prime Minister conceded that human rights had made attempts to infiltrate the country since the Coalition came to power, but said they had been turned back on each occasion.

“My very clear message to would-be human rights smugglers is this: we are more than a match for you. Our determination to win votes by playing on the irrational fears of Australians is greater than your determination to show concern for the rights of others”.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten could not be found.

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