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Julie Bishop Uses Lull In Question Time To Fill Out Working With Children Application

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop was spotted busily filling out her ‘Working With Children Check’ application form today, during a lull in Parliamentary proceedings. The check is a requirement for her role working on the Coalition front bench.

While Ms Bishop’s office conceded the Foreign Minister probably should have filled out the form at another time, rather than during a Parliamentary session, they said it was nothing more than a routine form update, after her previous validation had expired.

“Anyone working with children in the ACT must complete the form; it’s a pretty standard procedure. Given Ms Bishop works closely with children on a daily basis, she needs to go through the validation process, just as any nurse, doctor, or kindergarten teacher would”.

A source close to Ms Bishop said the Foreign Minister loved working with little boys, but like any job, it had its challenges. “There are a lot of tantrums, and there’s a lot of sh*t to clean up. But when she sees them giggle and laugh – after telling a fart joke, or a Nazi gag, for example – it makes it all worth it”.

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