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Infants May Not Be Able To Process High Levels Of Bullshit In Pete Evans Diet, Experts Warn

Newborn babies may not be able to properly digest high levels of vitamin A, or the idea that a caveman-era diet is best for them, nutritional specialists have cautioned.

“The babies we tested did seem to have a very strong reaction to the diet. Unfortunately they won’t be able to put that reaction into words for a few years at least,” one expert said.

“There are dangerous levels of bullshit here that are simply not safe for young people,” she said.

She explained that children typically had a lower tolerance to ridiculous fads than adults. “Many adults build up an immunity to common sense over time.”

Meanwhile the children’s paleo recipe book at the centre of the controversy has been pulled from print by its publisher. Chef Pete Evans has now decided to publish it as an e-book, just as our Neanderthal ancestors would have done.

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