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Fears Current Cricket World Cup May Not Finish Before Next Cricket World Cup

The Cricket World Cup could still be going in 2019, experts fear.

If so, it would overlap with the next World Cup in England and Wales, creating logistical headaches for cricketing nations.

ICC CEO Dave Richardson said that plans were in place to speed things up to avoid a messy clash.

“We’re pretty keen to get the group stage wrapped up this side of next Christmas, have a quick few month’s break, and then quickly get into the sudden-death play-offs in early 2018,” he said.

But he advised teams to devise backup plans should the tournament not be complete by the northern 2019 summer. “We suggest teams put together a second squad so they can play the two competitions simultaneously,” he said, adding “Of course, we’ll need to keep an eye on the 2023 World Cup in India as well, which is just around the corner. So if you’ve got a third squad, start developing that too”.

The tournament continues this week.

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