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Hillary Clinton Reluctantly Admits She Is ‘His Excellency Lloyd Williamsburg Esq’, Your Long Lost Relative From Nigeria

Hillary Clinton has been using her personal email account to send spam.

Using the moniker ‘His Excellency Lloyd Williamsburg Esq’ from Nigeria, Mrs Clinton sent tens of thousands of emails to unsuspecting Americans, claiming she had a large inheritance she needed to offload to a US bank account.

Mrs Clinton admitted the scam today, saying she was after quick cash to build a war-chest for her Presidential campaign.

The revelation explains why the future Presidential hopeful used a personal email account while she was Secretary of State, rather than a Government account, as required by law.

Asked if she had had any success in extracting money from unsuspecting victims, Mrs Clinton said, “Let’s just say George Bush has very generously contributed to my 2016 run for President. Thanks George. Or, as I like to say, ‘God Bless, My Dearly Beloved’”.

Mr Bush said was surprised Mrs Clinton was behind the email, but was looking forward to getting his 50% share of the $10mil inheritance.

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