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LNP Women’s Day Event Moved To Showgirls Gentlemen’s Club

The Liberal National Party has made the decision to shift their International Women’s Day function to Showgirls Gentlemen’s Club following a backlash to their original venue choice – the men’s-only Tattersall’s club.

The new venue has no gender-based restrictions. “Showgirls is open to everyone. In fact, women are an integral part of our club,” a spokesperson for the venue said.

A LNP spokesperson said Showgirls was the perfect venue for the occasion. “This is an opportunity for our men to talk about women in a relaxed, informal environment. It’ll be a celebration of women”.

He said nearly half of the LNP’s members were women, and that the entire female contingent of the ministry would attend the event. “Both of them will be there, hopefully”.

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